Aidan’s New Adventure: Aidan and the Mummy girl Save the Universe is now available!


Aidan and The Mummy Girl Save the Universe is now available in print version (e book soon to follow)!


This is Aidan Alvarado’s second adventure as a dream detective. There is a war going on between dragons, upsetting the balance of the universe, but nobody knows why. Aidan follows the trail of golden feather to ancient China, India, Greece and Egypt, faces down monsters and demons, meets a boy who can morph into a cobra, a girl who talks to elephants, a poet who accompanied Alexander the Great, ancient gods, and a mummy girl in his quest to solve the mystery of the golden feather and save the universe from chaos.

It’s a book about second chances and is dedicated to those who try to not be trapped by their stories…

If you haven’t read the first book “Aidan and the Dragon Girl Save the World,” that’s okay, you can still enjoy this one!
























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