Praise for “Aidan and the Dragon Girl Save the World”

This wonderful story is a fun way to get people of all ages to think about what is real and what is important.

−Robert Lanza M.D., author of “Biocentrism” and “Beyond Biocentrism”


“Aidan and The Dragon Girl Save the World” was a pleasure to read with my 8-year-old son. The imagery, action and relatable characters kept us captivated. Universal themes … are presented in a fresh new way. This book would be a wonderful addition to an upper-elementary classroom.

−Felicia Linares, National Board Certified Teacher


I LOVED it! A delightful adventure! Aidan and his friends must trust their wisdom to save the world.

−Julie Snider, Showrunner Assistant, Network TV Drama


Exciting and fun and funny and sometimes scary but not too scary. I kept wanting to read more of this story. It makes you want to stay up and not go to bed.

−Ruby, age 9


What a great story! I definitely enjoyed the incorporation of history and adventure in Aidan’s dreams. It was hard to put this book down. I wish the adventure could go on forever!

−Jeremiah, age 12


A charmingly witty and imaginative story of a boy who becomes a “Dream Detective”, solving a puzzle across time, place, culture and myth – in so doing learning valuable life lessons about kindness, tolerance and respect. A delightful cast of characters including several funny monks and a wonderful grandmother add to the entertainment.

-Doodle Artist, Amazon Kindle review

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